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Frequently Asked Questions

Start by installing ADA grab bars in bathrooms and other areas, ramps at entrances, safe access for wheelchair-users, non-slip flooring in hallways, and safety rails along walkways and staircases.

These additions will enable individuals with disabilities to maneuver through the building safely and comfortably. Ensure that all doorways and hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs and that there are no steep inclines without accessible alternatives.

By making your building more accessible, you are effectively promoting inclusivity and creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for everyone.!

Yes! At ADA Grab Bars, safety is our top priority. We are proud to offer reliable and durable safety fixtures for both commercial and residential use.

Our team at ADA Grab Bars & Safety Rails in Las Vegas specializes in installing grab bars for a variety of applications, catering to all types of businesses. From hospitals and care facilities to hotels, resorts, and restaurants, we are here to ensure safety for everyone. Trust us to provide quality solutions you can depend on!

Start with ADA grab bars in your bathrooms – it’s a game-changer. But that’s just the beginning. Depending on your home’s layout, there are countless ways to make it more wheelchair-friendly. And ramps are just the start. We offer phone consultations so we can find the perfect solutions for you. And if your needs go beyond a simple fix, we have an excellent team ready to tackle any big projects.